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Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP)

California Education Code 32280-32289.5 outlines the requirements and information required for the CSSP, which is required to be reviewed and updated each year by all California public schools. The CSSP is a public document reviewed and updated each year by the Schoolsite Council (SSC). Many components of the CSSP are developed and updated by San José Unified district staff, who coordinate responses to safety-related issues across each of San José Unified’s schools, in consultation with other agencies, including the San José Police Department and San José Fire Department. These components are shared in the CSSP template provided to schools for their completion.

The CSSP contains an overview of the school’s holistic approach to safety, including emergency responses. This plan explains the San José Unified emergency protocols and the steps that should be taken in a variety of emergency situations.

Trace Elementary Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP)

At Merritt Trace Elementary,, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes strong relationships and collaboration. We discourage the use of communication devices before and after school and during student breaks. This is to promote the development of social skills and build strong friendships.  This adds an extra layer of protection against cyberbullying and other unsupervised activities.