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After School Program

We kindly ask that all students are picked up promptly after school and are supervised by a caring adult off campus, as our gates are closed for after-school programs. Your child's safety and well-being are our top priority. Starting at 2:40 p.m., our staff will kindly redirect any unsupervised students to the office for further assistance. Please note, we will log patterns over time as it is important to pick up students on time.  A meeting to speak to administration may be scheduled if there are recurring issues.

We offer an after school program at no cost for eligible students. The school day and the after school program combine for a total of nine hours each regular school day.

After school programs provide a safe space for students to strengthen social and emotional skills, practice academic skills and increase language acquisition rates for English Learners.

All students in grades TK-6 who meet one of the following criteria are eligible for the after school program at their school at no cost:

  • Criteria 1: Homeless youth, Foster youth, Meet state income eligibility requirements, English Learners
  • Criteria 2: Children of full-time San José Unified employees

Students who are eligible for the program will receive an invitation to register for the program.

Additionally, we have a limited number of seats for students who do not meet the requirements in criteria 1. These limited seats provide after school programming on days when the regular school year is in session.

Merritt Trace Elementary partners with Think Together to staff the after school program. After school programs begin from the release of the school day and students may be picked up before 6:00 pm. Contact the school office for more information.
Email to learn more and enroll in the program.

In addition, the YMCA leases classrooms after school and provides paid after-school care services.

Catalyst Kids also leases two classrooms on our campus, with their main office located in Kinder World near Hoover Middle School.