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Absence Reporting

Attendance Hotline

Please click link to view the Trace Attendance Protocols:


If your child is or will be absent, please call the Attendance Hotline and leave a voicemail with the following information:

Student's Name
Date of Absence
Reason of Absence
Your name

California law requires all persons of school age to attend school full-time. Regular and punctual attendance is important. Students who are ill should stay at home. If your child is absent, please telephone or email the school on the day of the absence. 

Arriving on time

School gates open at 8:00am for those students who would like to have school breakfast. Classes begin at 8:25am.  After 8:25 a.m., students must go to the office.  According to state law, a child who has been tardy three times for 30 minutes or more is classified as a truant.

Arrival and Dismissal:

  • Each day, a warning bell will ring at 8:24 a.m. to signal that doors will open soon. Classes start promptly at 8:25 a.m. when teachers are ready to engage with students at the pick-up line.
  • School ends at 2:20 p.m., with the dismissal bell ringing 1 minutes earlier to begin dismissal procedures. Our staff will open the gates at 2:19 p.m. Please wait patiently for your student until the teacher dismisses them and ensures they are aware that someone is available to pick them up.
  • TK and Kinder families have a unique 2-week early release schedule for the first 2 weeks of school (August 5-16, 2024) to help students adjust to full-time classroom activities.
  • All minimum days at Trace end at 12:20 PM.
  • Please remember that everything our students do at school is purposeful, whether it's standing in line and practicing social skills or cultivating patience during moments of waiting.

Traffic and Safety

Drop-off and pick-up times are busy; the entire school community is outside simultaneously. Please drive at 15 MPH, avoid distractions, and be courteous. Yield to pedestrians and follow traffic laws.

Please park in designated areas only, the Lincoln Lot is available for our community members.

Please do not ask children to run across the street to enter or exit a car.

The bus lane on Brooklyn Ave. is not for parking during school hours.

Entrances to School

For the safety of our students and pedestrian community, we only use the gates between the library and the main office. The gates on Brooklyn Ave. will remain locked at all times.

Grade-Specific Areas (Morning Time)

4th and 5th-grade students should remain exclusively in Quad B

1st to 3rd-grade students are asked to stay within Quad A.

TWBI Kinder students are designated to the C wing 

Kinder World students should remain in the Kinder World area.

We encourage all students to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the bell rings to allow for a comfortable settling-in period. However, gates open at 8:00 a.m. for those who wish to have breakfast. Please note the busy traffic; anticipate delays.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are not permitted during drop-off or pick-up as it is a busy time and we aim to preventing accidents

  • Riding bikes, skateboards, or scooters on campus
  • Playing ball games or tag
  • Bringing pets to campus (please do not tie pets to fences or leave them unattended outside the campus)
  • Use of electronic devices by students

After-School Supervision

Please note that we have limited supervision after school hours. It is important that all students are picked up within 5-10 minutes of dismissal time.

We kindly request that adults pick up their students directly in front of their classrooms. For upstairs classes, students will meet you at their morning lineup area.

Our playgrounds and school campus are designated for after-school programs only. We also ask that students respect the learning environment of our neighboring schools, as they are still in session.Additionally, we remind students not to bring money to school. This helps prevent the loss of money and ensures that students attending after-school programs remain on campus.

Absence for Vacation

Families who take their student out of school on vacations are at risk of being declared a Legal Truant. If a child is absent more than 10% of the school days, it is considered excessive and medical verification may be required for every absence. Each case will be considered individually and the parent will be notified by mail, phone or in a face-to-face meeting. Lack of compliance could result in truancy proceedings. Days taken for family vacation when school is in session are counted as unexcused absences. Please refer to Pages 25-26 of the SJUSD Parent-Student Handbook.

Attendance Policy
Today’s students are developing work habits that will affect their attitudes in the future.
Punctuality and good attendance are qualities that indicate responsibility in the work place.
The teachers and staff at Trace Elementary School feel that it is extremely important that our students develop these habits.  It is our belief that the school and parents working together can help our young people successfully pursue their educational development.  San Jose Unified attendance policy requires the following:

  1. Call each day a student is absent.
  2. Parents have five school days to verify the reason for the absence.
  3. Non verified absences will be considered unexcused and cannot be changed.
  4. Students with three unexcused absences will be at risk of becoming truant.

Excused and Unexcused Absences

The school can only excuse any absences in the following circumstances:

  •  Genuine illness
  •  Dental/medical appointments (these should be made out of school hours where possible)
  •  Immediate family members funeral
  •  Recognized religious observance

Unexcused absences:

  •  Caring for a parent or sibling
  •  Going shopping
  •  Day trips
  •  Birthdays
  •  Bad weather
  • Family vacations will not be authorized

This is not a conclusive list.

Leaving School Grounds

During the school session, no student is permitted to leave the school grounds unless the student has been signed out in the office by an adult listed on the student’s emergency card and is over the age of 18. Please come to the office with an ID to check-out your student. 


Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and orderly environment for all students.