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Attendance Hotline

If your child is or will be absent, please call the Attendance Hotline and leave a message with the name of the student and the reason for the absence.

Attendance Policy
Today’s students are developing work habits that will affect their attitudes in the future.
Punctuality and good attendance are qualities that indicate responsibility in the work place.
The teachers and staff at Trace Elementary School feel that it is extremely important that our students develop these habits.  It is our belief that the school and parents working together can help our young people successfully pursue their educational development.  San Jose Unified attendance policy requires the following:

  1. Call each day a student is absent.
  2. Parents have five days to verify the reason for the absence.
  3. Non verified absences will be considered unexcused and cannot be changed.
  4. Students with three unexcused absences will be declared truant.
  5. Please call our 24 hrs a day, attendance hot line at 408-535-6583 to report absences.