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Uniform Policy

All students at Trace are REQUIRED to wear the approved school uniform. The policy below has been developed collaboratively to ensure the safety of all Trace students. Only combinations from the approved list are acceptable. We encourage all students to dress appropriately for class. If you should need assistance obtaining uniforms, please contact the school office and we can help you with this.

- Short or long-sleeved polo shirts (white, dark green or navy blue)
- Turtlenecks (white, dark green, or navy blue)
- Trace T-Shirts or show T-shirts
- College shirts on Fridays

- Slacks, cargos, shorts, jumpers, dresses, or skirts (navy, khaki, or blue and green plaid)
- No denim or jean material
- Solid color leggings or jeggings may be used under the uniform

- Jackets or coats (any color; no inappropriate logos)
- Trace Tiger sweaters or hoodies
- Sweaters without logos

SHOES: Close-toed shoes only. Need to be suitable for outdoor play. Children must be able to run safely. No Heelys, steel-toed, or shoes that light up or make sounds.

JEWELRY: Students are encouraged not to wear jewelry. Trace will not be responsible for lost, broken, or stolen jewelry worn to school.

- Slacks and shorts must be worn at normal waistline.
- Trace logo sweatshirts and Trace logo T-shirts are available through the Trace Parents and Teachers Organization (PTO). Other uniform pieces may be purchased at Merry Mart, any department store, or through
- Students will be sent to the office during school breaks to use a school uniform loaner or office staff will call home to bring a uniform if we don’t have your child’s size.

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